We are engaged to lead our development project through a serious, strict and creative policy where we assure our customers to surpass the expectations, respect our suppliers, take care of our teams and all of that, creating innovate solutions for the aluminium extrusion in different industrial sectors and the architecture.


Our human team is not only a very high quality professionals but also a very engage team with our philosophy to give the better assistance to our clients, helping to improve if need it all our quality policies.


The company has an estimated productive capacity of 9000tns per year. It has an extrusion line completely automated, P25000 as well as an automated warehouse for dies with a capacity of more than 10.000 references. The facilities also include packaging lines also automated, a dies area where the tools and dies are stocked, a quality laboratory highly equipped and “mature ovens” with a maximum length of 8000 mm and facilities with a wide space available to increase the production up to 16000tns. Total of the land around 18000m2. 


This is our headline slogan and with it we want to show a different way of see and understand the extrusion of aluminium profiles. We are committed to surpass all the customers goals, we believe in the people’s and companies’s growth and we are engaged with the environment, fully respecting our nature and the safety at work. We were born with a innovation goal and a new service to our customers, suppliers and all the staff at our organization, this is Extrusing Solution philosophy.  

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